Suffering is Part of Life

Yogic concepts of suffering can be broken down into three basic categories. First, there's suffering that comes from yourself. We constantly say things to ourselves that make us unhappy: "I suck at my job", "I'll never find love", "I don't like how I look."

Then, there's suffering inflicted upon you directly by other people, via cruel or indifferent thoughts, or even violent actions. We're hurt every day by our parents, our spouses, our siblings, our children, our partners, our friends, or random honking people in the parking lot. Occasionally, those who harm you do it deliberately, but most often, it's accidental.

The third category is suffering inflicted upon you by the world, which never lets up its assault. Your roof leaks. You're bitten by mosquitoes while walking your dog.

As if the terrors of physical reality weren't enough, we also all exist inside a virtual world of endless chatter, opinions, fear, and violent images.

Yoga is about untying your mental knots and dissipating those essential misinterpretations.

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